Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Indulge in the rich aroma and exquisite taste of café-quality espresso with the CHULUX Single Serve Espresso Machine. Designed for the discerning coffee enthusiast, this exceptional one-cup espresso maker brings the authentic flavors of Italy right into your home. With its advanced features and premium construction, this machine ensures every sip is a moment of pure bliss.



Feature-rich Coffee Machine To Give You The Best Brew Possible.

Crafted with precision and passion, this remarkable espresso maker guarantees an exceptional brewing experience that will leave you yearning for more.


Over Pressure Valve 20 Bar Italy ODE Pump controls the pressure to brew balanced Coffee.

Water Tank

Can hold up to 24 OZ of water in your coffee machine at once.

Removable Tray

Makes it very easier to remove used cupsuls.

Soft-touch Button

Two modes, Cup Sizes: Espresso (1.4oz) and Lungo(2.8oz).


Сapsule Сompatibility: Nspresso, Italian espresso capsule.

Fast Preheating In 20s

NTC Temperature Control System.

Сapsule Сompatibility

Nespresso Capsule


About Us

Getting you the classic Coffee Machine to your shelf

- Elevate Your Coffee Experience with the CHULUX Espresso Machine.
- Indulge in Barista-Quality Espresso at Home.
- Versatile Brewing Options with the CHULUX Single Serve Machine.
- Effortless Operation and Exquisite Taste: CHULUX Espresso Maker.
- Unleash Your Coffee Creativity with the CHULUX One Cup Machine.

Perfecting your little cup of energy with love!

Whether you crave a robust and intense espresso shot or prefer a milder and creamier beverage, this machine caters to your every desire.

Tech Specifications

Say goodbye to long waiting times, as this espresso maker boasts a rapid heating system that reaches the optimal temperature in just seconds.


220-240V 1400W Strong Power.

7.72 lb

Install At Home

Designed for the discerning coffee enthusiast, this exceptional one-cup espresso maker brings the authentic flavors of Italy right into your home.

Install At Office

Cheer up in the morning with an invigorating espresso or enjoy a juicy cappuccino in your office.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1624 reviews


“This is pretty impressive. I've never used a pod espresso machine before, and it's so easy to use! The coffee is so rich dark and delicious! I love how I can choose between 4 oz or 6 oz cups. Good quality machine, and value for the money, super fast shipping.”

Elearning Reviews1 1 1 1

Julia Keys


“Works awesome once you figure out how to use it. There aren't instructions so it's kind of tricky to figure out initially. Once you do, it's pretty good to use. It's very small so it's great to stick in an office space.”

Elearning Reviews2 1 1 1

David Hury


“Great for a quick espresso on the go! I already have a single brew Chulux coffee maker so I was happy to see an espresso version. It's a good value for the price!”

Elearning Reviews3 1 1 1

Maria Anna


“This espresso machine is fantastic! I am able to do a double shot for my cold coffee/proffee in the morning within about 5 mins. The machine discards the pod into a chamber in the machine and it is easy to remove and empty/clean. It uses standard espresso pods similar to K-cup coffee pods.”

Elearning Reviews4 1 1 1

Teresa Lien


“It's a pretty basic machine, no bells-and-whistles, but it works well and has been reliable over the month that I have been using it. I have tried several different flavors and brands of the coffee pod things and would say that this machine helps them to achieve tasty results.”

Elearning Reviews5 1 1.jpg

James Brok


“Bought this to use I travel, had to buy a case for it, should include a case since it is compact. It works fine, coffee tastes good and hot enough.”

Elearning Reviews6 1 1.jpg

John Smith

Get your Fully Automatic Coffee Machine from PulsePresso.

Embrace the sleek elegance of the CHULUX Single Serve Espresso Machine, designed to enhance your coffee experience while seamlessly blending with your kitchen aesthetics.